Provincial Secretariat of Finance

Provincial Secretariat of Finance

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Provincial Secretariat of Finance.

Provincial Secretariat of Finance, in conformity with the law and the Statute, shall perform tasks of the provincial administration in the area of finance and economics, as well as the budget and treasury related tasks in conformity with the law.
Provincial Secretariat of Finance shall: perform tasks of fiscal and macroeconomic analysis; monitor the system of public revenues and public expenditures as well as legislation on the basis of which they have been introduced and if necessary it shall put forward the initiative for their amendments; monitor the collection of public revenues on the territory of the AP of Vojvodina and analyse the fiscal potential of municipalities and cities and inform the Provincial Government thereof; monitor and analyse the position of regions based on economic and other indicators, cooperate with the National Regional Development Agency and regional development agencies; participate in interregional cooperation and cooperation with relevant territorial communities of other countries with the aim of attracting foreign investments, obtaining donations and other forms of development assistance and coordinate activities in the field of providing, utilising and monitoring the implementation of investments and other forms of assistance.
Provincial Secretariat of Finance shall perform budget inspection control over lawful and purposeful spending of the AP of Vojvodina budget funds; perform control over application of the law in the field of material-financial operations and lawful and purposeful use of funds by the budget beneficiaries, organisations, companies, legal persons and other entities stipulated by the law that regulates the budget system. Provincial Secretariat of Finance shall prepare acts for the Assembly and the Provincial Government within its competence and perform other tasks stipulated by the law, the Statute and other regulations.

Smiljka Jovanović

Provincial Secretary of Finance

Smiljka Jovanović is the Provincial Secretary for Finance.

She was born in Šid. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Subotica and completed specialist studies at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, Department of Public Finance.

She worked in the field of banking, insurance and tax control. She has obtained a number of certificates in the field of accounting and audit.

Before she was appointed the Provincial Secretary for Finance, she held the position of the executive director of the Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency.

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